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Our New KATM Wholesale Store has launched! Check out katmwholesale.com for all wholesale products.

✨ New ✨ KATM Wholesale Online Store! 
We have a brand spanking new home for our wholesale offerings and are very excited to launch a fully dedicated wholesale web store. We have customised everything to be useful for you and all things KATM wholesale.
We hope it's a more user friendly and an efficient process for you. 

All wholesale ordering has moved over to a dedicated wholesale web store, katmwholesale.com

In order to access wholesale product/news/images, you will need to create a new account in the new store.

**NOTE: Your account email login is carried over from your existing account, please use the same email and choose your password.

Step 1

Visit the new KATM Wholesale store here. 

Step 2

Create a new account

Step 3

Enter your usual account email address and choose password to login.

**Make sure your exact email address is the same address that has previously been used for ordering.

** Your password can be the same as before.  

Please email hello@kylieandthemachine.com for any assistance or questions!