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KATM Webbing for Mule Tote | Assorted Colours

$15.00 AUD

✨  NEW ✨ High quality canvas cotton webbing for your KATM Mule Tote makes and or for your sewing needs! 

We have curated our very own KATM selection of webbing colours - 17 delicious options!

They are cut into 3 yard (108in/ 274cm) portions. The amount required to make a KATM Mule Tote is 95 in/ 242cm. The remaining length gives you the option of making the straps a little longer if desired or using it for another project!

It also comes fitted with a branded KATM elastic band, which is great for A0 Pattern holding, fabric holding etc. So handy 💪🏻


38mm width | 2mm thickness

Sold in 3 yard (108in)/ 274cm increments (the total needed for a KATM Maxi Mule Tote). 


Cotton Polyester 



Made in China. 


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