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And we're back with Episode #2 of the Sewing Club Podcast! We've ironed out the creases, both literally and figuratively, and are delighted to present you with a whole new episode devoted to the Sagebrush Top by Friday Pattern Company. It's a good one! Gemma from Sewing Gem and I knew we wanted to sew a top following the Zadie Jumpsuit, as we both had a need for wearable separates in our handmade wardrobes.  

Pattern: Sagebrush Top by Friday Pattern Company 

Size: small 

Fabric Type: cotton rayon 'Hat Print'

Fabric Supplier: The Fabric Store 

Featured Labels: 'To Me From Me' from the Green Foil + Blue Festive Bauble 

There's only one version of the pattern and the only mod I made was to shorten the bodice by about 7cm. I also shortened the sleeve to sit somewhere more preferable for me! I like the look of the elastic and how it creates the puffy sleeve but after wearing it for a time now, I think I would prefer the feel of the wide sleeve.  

What I love about the Sagebrush Top is it's a really comfortable sleeved woven top with a generous arm hole opening (we talk about who and what an 'armscye' is in this episode). It was a straightforward sew and fills the gap in the wardrobe! I can see why this is such a popular make; it's a very hackable patterns with lots of parts you can easily change.

I couldn't resist adding a label from our recently released Festive Baubles (Green Foil + Blue set) 'To Me From Me' - it speaks perfectly to the feeling of making time to do things that bring you joy, like sewing!  

You can listen to Sewing Club Podcast Episode #2 on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Audible or Google Podcasts (insert other favourite poddy platform). Here you'll find all the show notes and we'll also reveal the pattern for Episode #3, so you can sew along at home! 

Be sure to check out Gemma's summery Sagebrush Top over over at Sewing Gem

Want to sew your very own Sagebrush Top? Get 30% OFF the pattern with the code: SEWINGCLUBPODCAST

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