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2022 Countdown Calendar Labels REVEAL! 🔎

2022 Countdown Calendar Labels REVEAL! 🔎


The team here at KATM HQ are divided on who prefers to be surprised by what is included in the Countdown Calendar vs who just wants to know exactly what is inside! As such, we appreciate that many of you are split in this exact same way.

So... we have put together a 'labels reveal' video should you dare! Make sure you are really 100% absolutely positive that you want to see the labels before you press play! 

For anyone who LOVES surprises, DO NOT WATCH the video, but instead enjoy your daily reveals in December. 🤩

No matter what side of the fence you are on, surprises or no surprises, we hope you find much joy in this collection of brand new labels by KATM. 

♡ The KATM Team


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