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KATM Sml Hanging Display | 4 hooks

$14.00 AUD

A hanging acrylic display board with 4 hooks and wooden KATM logo. Add another label display in a different location inside your store!

If you already have a larger stand and wish to carry more designs, this is perfect, and you can hang this on any hook in your store.


* Use this hanging board to create a story within your shop's merchandising 

Example 1: Kids collection, hanging next to kids patterns or fabrics

Yo Mama Made it, Grandma Made it, Nana Made it, Aunty Made it or substitute with Ta-da and You are Loved.


Example 2:  Labels that look like RTW, hanging near fashion fabrics or indie patterns 

You Can't Buy This, Natural Fibres Collection, Size me/You, Look After Me


* If you are having a market stall, use this mini hanging display in conjunction with your larger stand for double impact.


Consists of: acrylic board, coloured rope, four hooks, silicone grip feet and wooden logo.